Taste Good

Roti Canai Dry Curry Beef Rendang Noodles

I’ve lived in the Elmhurst area for practically all my life.  Always went to the neighboring Malaysian restaurant, Penang, and of course, always ordering the same dishes.

It only took about 10 years for me to venture away from my routine and try something new.  Did my homework, and went on Yelp.  Turns out, there’s a unanimous love for this dish called beef rendang.  Never heard of such a thing.  So off I go!

I order the Roti Canai, because you must.  Or at least, for me, I must have the roti.  And then I scoured the menu for the important 2 words that I learned from Yelp.  BINGO!  Dry Curry Beef Rendang Noodles.  Even though the menu had a chili pepper next to the name of the item, it was not spicy at all!  Just delicious noodles & beef in this curry sauce.  Roti was okay.  I might have to stick to Penang for my roti fix.

Delicious noodles… drool…

Taste Good
82-18 45th Avenue
Elmhurst, NY 11373

Queens, NY



Fried Oyster Roll Pecan Square


Seafood lunch deal — Fried Oyster Roll served with shoestring pesto fries and a mesclun salad, all for $11!  And there’s the second option, if you’re looking to aim higher, get the lobster roll instead for $18.

The staff is great, the decor is pleasing, nearing on the fancy side.  True, spending close to $20 on a random lunch isn’t what I normally do on a daily basis, but there are those special times when you do need a place like this.  This is a great restaurant for meeting up with people, having a meal along with great conversation.

And yes, they serve plenty of other dishes that are not seafood.


4 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10010

Flatiron, NY

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby’s Burger Palace Bobby Blue Burger

BURGER! and topped with blue cheese and bacon!

This place definitely lives up to the hype.  I’m always telling everyone who visits NYC that they need to visit Shake Shack.  But you know, BBP has impressed me!

So if you’re NJ, or Long Island, CT or PA … you have to try it!

Paramus, NJ

Room Service

Pad See Euw & Spring Rolls Coconut Ice Cream

When you’re on a budget, lunch specials are the way to go!

For $6.90 (before tax & tip), Room Service offers an appetizer, entree and then you can choose either soda or ice cream.  I chose the ice cream because I think you get more value that way.

The food was great and the price was great for my wallet.  The two most important things on my checklist, which means that I would definitely go back and probably order the exact same order, because I’m silly like that.

Chelsea, NY

Wah Mei

Wah Mei Store Front Pork Chop Rice ($4.50)

YUM! Pork Chop Rice. And even better … under $5.00!!
Back then, this place was called Mei Wah. Why the name change? I have no clue.

This is definitely not the type of place where you can order the food, sit down and enjoy your meal. But who cares if you can’t sit down and enjoy it there. I’m willing to order my meal to go, take it on a subway ride, but of course salivating during the entire ride, and enjoy it at home.  At home is probably best because I would be shoveling this in my mouth.

The wait could be good for the overall meal — let the meat cool down and the pork sauce to totally permeate through the rice. Deliciousness!!

Hester Street, Chinatown, NY

Ding Tai Restaurant

Taiwanese Dumplings Pork Chop Rice

Authentic Taiwanese cuisine is so hard to come by, even here in NY.  Sad but true, there is very little Taiwanese food options in Flushing and Chinatown.  And there are the few who boast that they are authentic, but they can’t even make the simple Pork Chop Rice the “right” way.

Ding Tai Restaurant is new to Main Street, Flushing.  Nestled between bustling and very competitive restaurants and food stands, this one can be easily missed.  But once you find yourself in there, it’s a nice treat sitting on new chairs and hot pink booths, and the best part, the staff and owners speak Taiwanese.

Now on to the food.  Pork Chop Rice is done right.  The rice is topped off with braised pork sauce, pickled vegetables, and of course, the infamous tea egg.  Their take on the pork is interesting, black pepper and maybe curry?  You’ve got the fried, the salty, and the lil bit of spicy kick to it.  The only thing going against them — not enough pork.

Main Street, Flushing, NY


Roti Canai Sarang Burong

Roti Canai, or otherwise known as Indian Pancake, is pretty much the staple item in any Malaysian restaurant.  You just have to order it.  In fact, once you take your seat, besides asking what you would like to drink, they ask how many orders of roti you would like to start off with.  The curry dipping sauce is so good, and not at all spicy, so it’s great for all tastebuds. Sadly, there is chicken in the curry sauce – many apologies for the hardcore vegetarians.  I always like to save some of the curry dipping sauce for the rest of my meal, especially to mix with my rice.  Delicious!

The Sarang Burong is just a fun dish.  The fried outside is actually a bowl made of taro and then it’s stuffed with shrimp, chicken, baby corn, snowpeas and black mushroom topped with cashew nuts.  I like the fact that you get a little bit of everything in this dish.

For the people who know the Elmhurst area.  Penang has recently been renovated (maybe in 2009?).  New decor is fabulous, however, now the food is lacking.  I really miss the old rustic, hole in the wall feel and the really good food and BIG portions. Now, they offer smaller portions, more costly, and the food is just too salty.

But you can’t go wrong with the Roti Canai.  Just have that and you’ll be satisfied.

82-84 Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens

Monster Sushi

Nabeyaki Udon Torikatsudon

I made the greedy mistake, the usual that happens when your “eyes are bigger than your stomach” — in short, couldn’t finish all the food. I guess I had no idea that their lunch portions for both dishes were going to be that big!

The chicken cutlet was delish! I’m always wary of ordering chicken in restaurants, since it’s such a plain and regular item and that is usually overcooked and dry. This dish however, the chicken was soft, moist, juicy, and there was a hint of something sweet — very yum!

The udon dish was made a bit more on the bland side. I think it was made that way for the customer to sprinkle on the chili pepper powder accordingly. The udon was great! Soft and chewy with a bit of a snap when you bite into it.

I could definitely eat either of these again!

22 W 46th St, NYC

Red Leaf Bakery

Chocolate Cake Red Leaf Bakery

I don’t usually eat cake or sweets so I don’t have much to compare this cake to. Having said that, I must say, this cake was DELICIOUS! Very light, not overbearing in the sweetness area, and moist too! It’s been a week since I’ve had a slice and I’m still thinking about it.

5725 Main Street, Flushing


Memphis Style Baby Back Ribs Moist Texas Brisket

Another BBQ joint in NYC. A bit overpriced, and most of the main BBQ dishes do not come with any sides, but aside from the pricey downfalls .. the food is still delicious. The inside of the restaurant has the rustic wood panels and low-key atmosphere.

— Park Ave S & 19th, NYC